Hello, strangers! I was watching The Dreamers again last weekend (totally relevant) and was reminded in the great Matthew-Theo-slapstick-comedy debate of Buster Keaton. And then I stumbled across this Tumblr, inundated with the actor's boyish good looks. Clearly I don't watch enough early film, as I ask myself how this dude's face could have eluded my long-term memory for as long as it did. And so:

HISTORIC BONER NO. 20 Buster Keaton, American slapstick actor/director/writer/producer

The Evidence:

Here, I'll do you that last favor.

Another few interested facts, garnered from Wikipedia (as always): dubbing apparently was not always en mode with film. With Keaton's early talkies in particular, he and his fellow actors would perform the script in separate takes in three languages (English, Spanish, and French or German), memorizing the lines phonetically. Random fact number two: as Buster performed all of his own stunts before signing with MGM, he actually broke his neck during the filming of one movie, but didn't realize it until years later. How the hell is that possible. I'm not even putting a question mark on that, because I just don't believe it and, in turn, am making a declarative statement.

Next Time: Mum's the word for now, but I will say that there have been too many white dudes on this blog...